Monday, April 13, 2009


Missed Connections - Minneapolis, 4/13/2009

My Best Friend - m4w - 42 (Card Board Box)

Wow. I see now you will do whatever it takes to make life difficult for me. Why? This whole thing is stupid. Stop the lies please. I do hope that everything in your life goes awsome and I do sincerley feel that. There is some wierd ideas in your head and I only can think of one place that you have gotten them and thats to bad. Not like you care,but I am sticking to my game plan that we talked about. I have not wavered in any way. Bonnie would be proud of me. .. If there is anything I can do for you let me know and I wont be contacting you. Good luck with everything. You know deep in your heart that my love is always there.

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