Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The kids are doing great...thanks for asking...and i feel like i'm playing the best tennis of my life

Missed Connection

Skully's C-Block victim - m4w

We exchanged few words in the beautifully choreographed 40 minutes of full contact, panting breaths on each others necks, tugging on the small of each others back, drunken tango to Cure songs on this past Thursday. You spilled your drink down my leg sexily. I took every opportunity to jut out my groin (in drunken rhythm of course).

The chemistry was POWERFUL. So much that I was mentally preparing to put your name on the deed to my house only I never really got your name so much as pretended to hear it over the roar of Culture Club. At any rate our time together was something special. At the very moment that the sweat, grinding, frenzied tugging, and soul piercing eye contact made our move to the next level an inevitable foregone conclusion... your friend executed the most vicious C-block in all of human history.

This was no ordinary C-block. This was a soul crippling legendary C-block; the horrors from which I'm certain I will take with me to my grave. Now even though this struck at the very heart of me, I still admire the artfulness of it. The impeccable timing... right as the wave of chemistry was about to crest. The confident and clear proclamation "We'll be right back." while marching in the general direction of the bathroom which just happens to be THE SAME DIRECTION AS THE DOOR! NOOOOOOO! Not so much as a phone number!

Frankly I'm embarrassed that I fell for such a primitive ploy. In my defense I've been out of the market for a while and clearly I've got a little ring rust. But I'll be back Miss Cockblock and you're going to have to be way more crafty next time.

Green dress brunette... please forward your name and address so I can proceed with the changes to my deed.

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