Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our children need a mother and a father to thrive.

There once was a boy named Pedro. Pedro had a father who sold goats in the market every day and a mother who worked the garden in the yard behind their home. One day, when his father was at the market and his mother was tending the garden, Pedro walked into the living room, pulled out an old record, put it on the record player, and placed the needle upon it. The album started rotating and the warping of the album caused it to go up and down like waves in the ocean. Pedro stood there, watching the album go up and down and listened while music started to fill the room. He held out his hands and looked down at them and saw white lights pulsating from his finger tips. As the music got louder the white light followed the tracks of his veins up his arm and into his shirt. He started to feel a warming sensation in his stomach and lifted up his shirt and and watched as his stomach started to glow and pulsate with the rhythm of the song. As the song went on Pedro noticed the light from his stomach was getting stronger and stronger until he had to shield his eyes from the bright light coming from his torso. The light continued to get stronger until the entire room was bathed in a bright glow coming from Pedro's stomach. His mother stood in the garden, watching through the living room window while the light in the room continued to become more intense. She walked up to the window, put her face upon it to look inside and saw Pedro standing there with his shirt up while the glow poured out of his mid-section. As soon as the light become almost too much to bare, the needle lifted up, the music ended, and the light disappeared from Pedro's stomach. He put his shirt down, took the record off, walked back into the kitchen, and decided then and there that things were going to be different from now on.

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