Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DJ Steve - Special Cuts #1

Your holiday weekend or your life? I like to call this a choose-your-own-adventure metaphor.

Oh, what? You don't like talking guitars? Because they sound too much like Peter Frampton and remind you of your high school years driving aimlessly around your hometown looking for cheap beer or a place to smoke your crappy weed? Dude, that's your problem, not mine. You're gonna have to untie that knot on your own. Don't be bringing that weird negative energy around these parts, man.

DJ Steve - has a guy who knows a thing or two about Colombia.

DJ Steve - walked into a hole-in-the-wall bar in the outback of French-Canada and the staff knew exactly what to pore him; two snake-bites and a beer.

DJ Steve - only uses a Bowie knife because he likes how the black-orange-ish light of the alley lights reflects off the end of it.

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