Wednesday, November 28, 2012

T.I. featuring Andre 3000 - Sorry

Young otter gettin' money, young otter go and get it, get it...

So I used to have this idea of creating a rap concept album about being a business major.  Now that I'm getting a part time MBA student I'm revisiting the idea.  Still not totally sure if anybody actually cares to hear about my experiences in the corporate workplace and reteaching myself financial accounting, but it sounds good on paper.

So, not to get too far away from the roots of this blog, but man cannot live on house and disco alone.  Truth be told I'm a thug rap dude, through and through.  I told some people a while ago that I was going through a rap phase and they quickly reminded me that it's not a phase if it's been going on since you were 11.  Banger of the week is the new single from the upcoming T.I. release, but really, his involvement is totally incidental.  This is yet another instance of a rapper inviting Andre 3000 on his track to be absolutely embarrassed on his host track.  Note to rappers: he has been doing this for the last ten years.  He's going to make you look like an idiot.  OK, so the track is called 'Sorry' and T.I. spends his two verses talking about how he's not sorry for anything.  Andre on the other hand apologies to his mother for being an asshole as a kid and apologizes to Big Boi for being a weirdo and screwing them out of several more millions of dollars.  Especially funny since Big Boi just called him out for passing up spots on his album for Gillette commercials.

Anyway, shit is ON FIRE.

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