Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eddie Drennon & The BBS Unlimited - Do It Nice & Easy (With Love)Greg Wilson Edit

Back by popular demand.....

Oh, my goodness it has been awhile. Whooooooweeeee. Where were we? Not a lot has changed I suppose, we are still living under the thumb of our black socialist president (all hail him) and my fantasy football team is still in the crapper. It's like nothing has changed.

What do you want to know really? Here's what happened, the election freaked me out so all I could listen to for about three weeks was Songs: Ohia some obscure metal albums. I mostly fussed around trying to not think of a world were Mitt Romney was our president. I wasn't really in the dancing mood you could say. But, listen, it's all good now. My doctor said we could go back to our regular posting schedule.

Rare groove indeed. It's over eight minuets long and it feels like it has ten separate parts to it. This is what they used to start the nice off right back in the day. Build that foundation of a groove you can set your watch to.

Welcome back all.

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