Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moodymann/Exile Double Creature Feature

Nobody wants to be alone.  Not even police.

Well, looks like we're all getting back into form, no?  Finished up my first final of my first quarter on my way to becoming a future business leader of America.  I feel filthy.  Regardless it's nice to exercise my brain for a change.  I mean, wandering these mean north campus streets staggering drunk and writing blog posts is mentally challenging in it's own way, but what good is it if it doesn't come with a $50,000 piece of paper?

Owning up to my prolonged absence I'll elect to do a double this week.  In fairness I'll be doing a lot of doubles this week, but that's because by brother is visiting from LA.

Let's get back to what this is all about, shall we?  House and disco.

I don't really know what this track is, but it starts out with radio broadcasts announcing the shooting of Marvin Gaye and then gets into some mean early 90s house.

I know this next track because it was once featured on an episode of Homicide when Frank Pembleton gets shot.  This is an edit by Dynamicron. 

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