Friday, November 16, 2012

Omar-S - S.E.X (Conant Gardens Posse Remix)

This picture is exactly how I feel today. Like there is a giant horseman standing behind me trying to start shit. Get out of here horseman! Go haunt some other poor soul.

How did we not post this already? I swear I had a conversation with Nick about this but apparently I never got around to actually putting it up. Huge oversight. I take full responsibility.

From the amazing Omar S. It's really the remix but I don't care. Detroit house I think is a really appropriate term for a lot of Omar S's output. It all has this edge to it but it never falls over into hard housey/techno land. It straddles this line of having some balls but still being something you could put on and people aren't going to freak out about how much they hate techno.

It's like if someone made a really cute crocheted sleeve for a giant Bowie knife. That's what Omar S's music is like - it draws you in with its charming good looks but you know you can also bring it to a knife fight and not be embarrassed.

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