Friday, February 10, 2012

Aphex Twin - Ageispolis

This shit is important.

I remember being a freshman in college and having this album on a burnt CD. It had the title written in black marker on the front. I would play it in my tiny freshman dorm when my crazy roommate was away doing crazy person stuff. It was the sound of the future.

I don't think it is possible to overstate how important this track is and this entire album is. Released in 1992,  Selected Ambient Works 85-92 is a seminal album in the electronic music world. It was the genius of what ambient music is today and what a lot of electronic music is today. It was the avant garde.  It is majestic, grandiose electronic music that is simultaneously trying to make the walls kick and make a statement. It was Richard D. James' blue period - he picked one type of sound and just killed everyone in site. He was murdering them with one hand tied behind his back.

Also, this thing sounds almost better now, 20 years later, than it did when it was first released. It's bass heavy,  melodic, dark but still a little playful and god damn cool. I like to think of Richard D. James slaving away in his studio not happy until he's got the bass just right on this one so that it makes the headphones that he is wearing rattle just the proper way.

This one works best with the bass turned up all the way.

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