Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marsen Jules - Swans reflecting elephants

1. This photo was taken by the one and only Stanley Kubrick. True story, he use to be a newspaper photographer before he made films. He spent a summer in Chicago and documented the city. You can find more of that here.

2. Favorite video of the year by far. To be honest, I have pretty much stopped watching music videos. I find most of them to be obnoxious and gimmicky but I think this is fantastic. I love how all the photos are positioned in such a way that you can only see portions of them. You never know exactly what you are looking at and how the reflections just distort your senses even more.


3. I literally have been sleeping on this track. (Puns!) I normally get the new Kompakt Pop Ambient album every year and it immediately gets put into the sleeping music rotation. When I heard this track pop up on the Beat Oracle mix I was listening to today I recognized it from my dreams but couldn't figure out why. Seriously though, 100 times better in waking life. Yea, it is quintessential ambient pop music that I assume they play in Starbucks all over Germany but it is still awesome.

It wouldn't be winter without a bitching ambient track from Kompakt, would it?

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