Saturday, March 24, 2012

Change - Change of Heart (Lapelle Edit)

Yep, that's a Polaroid from the set of Blade Runner. There is more where that came from.

We all know he was android right? Also, this is going to sound really nerdy but I wished that the movie included the plot from the book involving that sheep they were hiding.

Harrison Ford is such a weirdo. Back in the day, before people were taking dirty pictures of themselves with their cellphones this was the only way to do it probably. You needed a Polaroid camera, and you had to take the picture, wait for it to develop, put it in an envelope and mail it to whomever you wanted to surprise. For some reason I find that whole process creepier.

Yea boy, another nice summer-ish, 80's edit. The original is nothing to sneeze at but this version is the preferred 80's edit of the weekend.

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