Monday, March 12, 2012

Martin Hayes - How To Dance

No, of course Centaurs are real. How else would we have this Centaur skeleton, dummy?

Ok, full disclosure, I didn't discover this track first or anything. I found it over at the amazing Feel My Bicep blog. Go check it out. In fact, I still lots of stuff from them so - big up to those fine folks.

The internet bored me today. Yep, 1st world problems. Very 1st world, but still. Step your game up people with internet connections, I can't be expected to focus all day at work. I need some down time where I cup my chin and stare at my computer screen pretending I'm really into my work when I'm really just trying to look at NSFW photos on Gawker. I'm not asking for much here.

If this track was a drink it would be a tall glass of lemonade with blueberry vodka.

When do I get to start drinking outside again, god damn it?

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