Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grace Jones - Feel Up (Larry Levan Mix)

If Sade can make a come back then I say we all jump on the Grace Jones come back that is due to happen any day now. Any. Day.

Also, Larry Levin is not too shabby. Not shabby at all.

I spent most of the day studying public finance so my brain really isn't working. When I last put this song on and the dogs started parking in it I thought they were outside my window. 

Was Grace Jones a product of the 80's or is it possible she simply could not have existed in any other decade. Just look at that album cover. Everything about it awesome. Not in the the ironic, hipster, 80's fetish way of, "it's fun to think about the 1980's and think about how cool they were." No, it's more like, how awesome does she look in that photo and if that was 2012 it would still be an awesome photo and you know you couldn't hate.  

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