Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mike Simonetti - Sweet As Honey

Calculator? Abacus? Calculator-abacus? Yes. Yes. Yes.  I want one now!

I've become a germaphobe. Which, I'm sure is not the technical term, but it fits nice next to my slight case of OCD. All you need to know is that it's been a fun week.

Mike Simonetti. We've posted some of his other stuff around these parts. Head honcho of everyone's favorite nu/old-disco label Italians Do It Better. I am a huge fan of both Mike Simonetti and IDIB. They each bring their own skill sets to the table though. The label is heavy on the Italo-disco sound thing-er and Mike Simonetti is just Mike Simonetti. And that is why I love him. His tracks don't remind me of the label at all and that is why it's great.

This one starts off a little house-y but then evolves into an fancy little joint. The Afro sound is going to be the noticeable part but what is impressive is how he uses it without sounding cliche. It's got that strong percussion driven effort and the call and response lyrics but still holds on to this weird etheral sound that I've noticed from Simonetti's last few tracks.

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