Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Circuit - Release The Tension

You can't leave anything around Brian Wilson. He's like a child - everything ends up in his mouth at some point.

There is a dub version you can find on YouTube of this track. I dare you to tell me what the difference is. I guess the dub version is slightly slower, but that has to be it.

Found this gem on a recent podcast from Little White Earbuds with the guy who runs L.I.E.S. I recommend checking it out if only for the tracklist. "Some Baltimore shit" and "some Jersey shit", for example.

Nothing like listening to a bunch of crazy house/disco real loud on the bus. It's the perfect soundtrack for a slow ride home in the dark, really. It's normally me, a bunch of college students, and the crazies. I think the crazies like the music the best. One women had her tongue out at me and I swear her head was bopping to the beat of the track I was listening to. We shared a moment.

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