Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double Exposure - My Love Is Free

Yes, I took a week off. I know I said I would never leave you alone again for that long, but baby, sometimes things happen. See that picture above? That's what my life has been like lately. Also, how did you clean this up back in the day? That had to of been a logistical nightmare.

Let's talk about this track. Let's talk about how totally amazingly awesome this track is. I love every single note of this track. I love how the first four minutes are this explosion of disco goodness. It's like a firework of funk, glitter, horns, and strings. And then, it doesn't go away at all it just turns into that burn. That nice, slow, burn. It's like they just wanted to meditate a little bit on what they had just done. Survey the damage. Then they just let go - they just let it go to see how long it will burn for. It's one of those incense sticks were the ash just burns all the way down without falling over. Just like that.

Lastly, we might be throwing a disco party in a few months. Seriously. At a real live bar. Disco. New and old. Details to come.

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