Monday, April 9, 2012

Alex Smith - Here With Me (Feat. Diviniti)

Another track from Omar S's label FXHE. I don't know what his exact work was on this track, he might have done nothing, but it's still a super bitching tracking. I think there is something really sexy about it. I mean, clearly the vocal tracks have something to do with it but it goes beyond that. It's her voice. Sometimes it sounds like it is just going to fall off a cliff at but she holds on and sings the lyrics with such earnest. It sounds like she is singing in some sort of malfunctioning computer world.

I find the use of the electronic bleeps and bloops interesting as well. It's a pretty simple, up-front, enjoyable track, with the little key parts here and there, but then he throws in these unsettling electronic noises. It's a real juxtaposition for a sound like that but it still works.

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