Friday, April 27, 2012

Pepe Bradock - Life

A bunch of random thoughts:

I don't think there is anything more intemidating than a sixty year-old woman with sleeve tattoos. It's kind of the post punk thing ever.

French jams! At least that's what Beats In Space was all about this week. This one was my favorite. Also, lets talk about this video. It's all buses from Dublin, Ireland. Just still photos of Dublin buses throughout history set to the music of Pepe Bradock. Which is odd, because when I think about Bradock's music I mostly think about  fun, summer-ish things that involve cocktails. Not buses. Nothing against buses though, I love them too. Especially the crazies on the bus. This goes out to them.

Unpopular opinion: City planners - they really are just as annoying as law students, right? I'm just saying that the dirty little secret is that it's really all just about figuring out where to put the sidewalks. And the bike lanes. Gotta make room for the bike lanes.

I learned yesterday that there is a famous NFL player from the 1920's who was named Bronko. Which is awesome and sucks at the same time. It's awesome because his name was Bronko and sucks because I was going to name my first boy Bronco. I'm sorry to see someone got to it before I did.

Bronco Peyton. I was going to raise him to be an outlaw. Or possibly a Barron of some sorts.

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