Thursday, October 27, 2011

I fell in love with some boogie...

OK, follow me here...earlier this week Dam-Funk was on Beats In Space, and, well, it was the shit. It was an awesome hour of boogie, funk, and just some nasty songs from him. Some new ones, some old ones - just an amazingly solid hour of music. Can't recommend it enough. Anyways, that got me going on like a funk boogie hunt. Next thing I know I'm watching this video of Wolf + Lamb on Beats In Space from earlier this year and someone in the video was talking about how this Franklin Thompson album Anniversary was his favorite album of the year so far. So that is how we got to this gem. Again, I can't thank the world enough for the existence of YouTube. If it wasn't for YouTube I wouldn't have this album in my life right now.

Those vocals, that guitar, that bass. This just isn't fair. I may be like four years late to the boogie party but I don't care. I'm hooked.

I read an interview with Dam-Funk talking about the reason people like boogie and funk is because people want to hear funky bass-line, synthesizers, and melodic chords, and he is god damn right. Both of these tracks have a repetitive state in them that force you to pay attention to what is going on but then it's too late. He's sucked you in and kinda of just want it to go on forever.

Also, as I said, I'm moonlighting over at Keep On Repeat and a little something for them as well. Come check out my review of the new Kuedo album Severant. Not to give anything away, but I kind of dug it.

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