Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Burial track - just in time for Halloween

First things first, come check out my inaugural effort over at Keep On Repeat. Chris, the founder of the site, was nice enough to invite me to come join the team so plan on a lot more signature half thought through thoughts on music. Possibly even some interviews, and/or some original mixes and podcasts. Its going to be a blast.

Ummm are we certain that Burial isn't some type of crazy scientist that spends 10 months a year secluded in a dark, dang lab somewhere trying to produce tracks to melt peoples' brains? No, we can't say that for certain.

This is going to sound lame, but I have been a huge Burial fan for years. Untrue is not only in my top ten albums of all time, but its mood, feel, and sound define a long period in my mid-twenties. His influence has been felt through multiple genres of music, and whether you like him or not he is a force to be reckoned with.

This post isn't going to be about how I wasn't all that into some of the things he has done since that album. I can't fault him, he needed to make some cash on his new-found fame, try some new stuff out. Can't hate on that. But this is the first track since Untrue came out that got that hair on the back of neck to stand up again. And I think it was probably somewhere around the 8:30 mark where it happened. It was that horribly distorted vocal sample that is less of a person and more like a ghost that did it. Don't get me wrong, the entire song is blindingly awesome, but it was hearing that strongly warped female(?) vocal that brought it all racing back. It was the vocal sample, the rain like feel, the dark mood, and the synths that sound like they could be cold winds. God. Damn. Is he good.

Please, please, please come out with a new album soon.

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