Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My detailed calculations on how much codeine one should sip

There is a special place in hell for microeconomics, shitty written microeconomics textbooks, and microeconomics teachers that confuse entire classes. I'm just saying.

Just saying.

Some clown decided to take this song and do a chopped and screwed version, which is just absurd. Who would ever listen to this and think, "you know what, this track just is not slow enough. If only he had slowed it down by enough third. If only he had drank even more syrup, maybe then I would like it more." Whoever did that probably needs to stop drinking so much drank.

As you can see, the 'Big' in Big Moe was simply a declaratory fact. He, literally, was big. Besides the damage carrying all that weight around will do to your heart, being addicted to drank probably doesn't help a whole lot. But it will possibly make you an awesome rapper. It is a true cost/benefit analysis. You could not drink drank and be an average rapper or you could drink drank and have a bad ass hoe from the south side, just sitting on the bar, and stunning like a star. But then, you might get attacked and your heart may explode. If I knew what was happening in my econ class I might be able to graph this for you. Sadly, I don't, so my suggestion would be drink drank until you are sitting at the bar stunning like a star, at that point you probably don't need to drink anymore.

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