Monday, October 17, 2011

Oneohtrix Point Never and a rant on 1) music critics and 2) chill-wave

(Editors note: I fucking love Oneohtrix Point Never. Can't wait for the new album. Just, had to make sure that was clear.)

So, there was slight to-do over a record review today on the inter-webs. Or, at least, I made a to-do about it in my mind. The review was of Real Estate's new album Days and can be found, here, in the on-line publication Dusted Magazine. Another music critic, who will remain unnamed seemed to have taken offense to this portion of the review.

Days will be called chill, but in reality it is a powerful narcotic that is built to simultaneously desensitize emotion and incite nothing in its place. In many ways, it is the most dangerous kind of album that can exist at this time.
 In response the unnamed music critic sent just the bolded section of the review out in a tweet today and, in classic reviewer fashion, seemed to discount the comment because it was insufferable navel gazing. Is the above review the classic case of a music critic taking themselves and their work too seriously, yea probably. But, it wasn't like the critic who sent out the tweet isn't the exact same type of critic who loves navel gazing but only if it isn't about anything too serious, we would hate to ruin anyone's vibe about the new Real Estate album.

Its not that the unnamed tweeter had an issue with this guys review of the new Real Estate album. I don't give a shit about that. The problem is that in less than 140 characters unnamed music critic wanted to discredit the review because of once sentence that he either disagreed with or thought was too far reaching. If you think the guy is wrong then it is on room to prove to me why you think so, otherwise, Mr. Pot, please meet Mr. Kettle.

Last, the review is correct, all this chilled-out stuff needs to be taken with a grain of salt. At what point do we ask a fad to stop being a fad and start adding something of substance to the conversation. Bands like Real Estate and Washed Out aren't doing or saying anything wrong, but they aren't pushing anything forward it seems either. If you can honestly tell me that in five hears you are still going to want to be putting on those albums you something is wrong.

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