Monday, October 3, 2011

Mark McGuire is greater than Slash

Fall is here in full force, I finally get to walk down the street and buy a Yuengling tonight, and this Mark McGuire song is the shit.

God. Damn. Do I love Mark McGuire. He solo album from last year was amazing and some how this one is even better.

He is a man using his guitar to fight the forces of evil. A man with a single mindedness towards laying waste to all that stand in his way. He decided years ago to use his guitar shredding skills to shine the light of justice in the crevices of society where all things evil and unjust reside.

He woke up one day and said, "no longer will evil and tyranny spread its poison across this land. I will hunt each and everyone of them down and use my own hands to bring justice upon them. I will strike them down with my ax and dip my hands in their blood and spread it into the ground where darkness once was. Anywhere there is evil I will be in search of it to level justice upon it. Anywhere there is tyranny I will find it and destroy it. You will know me by the dead I leave in my wake."

He seems like a pretty intense dude if you ask me.

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