Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kelly Polar & The Junior Boys

You know what grad school does to you? It makes you angry - like all the time. I'm just angry all the time now and at like inanimate objects. I'm angry at this book in front of me, at this stupid paper, at this room, and pretty much at this entire building. The pressure from grad school is building up so high that it is crushing my soul inside of me and turning it into an enormous diamond of hate. That's what I have in me right now - a 14 carrot diamond of hate. It's priceless if you ask me.

I think my love of the Junior Boys is 75 percent my love of their vocals. These dudes could sing a fucking Chinese take-out menu to me and I would think it was sexy. In my head these dudes' days are a combination of doing blow, making cold hard beats, sleeping with the sexiest woman in the room, and then breaking that girl's heart by telling her he doesn't really love it. It sounds exhausting really.

This shit is the shit though. Junior Boys vocals and some cold beats from Kelly Polar. It's a god damn sandwich of forward leaning dance music and sexiness. Some sweet disco-like strings, ice cold electronic beats, and sad Kraftwerk electronic chords. The Junior Boys have a tendency to sing about the cold, distance that inevitable engulfs a relationship that is about to go up in flames. And still, it is fucking cool.

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