Monday, November 28, 2011

Knxledge - OvrMyne

I seriously can't stop listening to this. Which is bad for all other music on the planet because I just ended another Knxledge bender not two weeks ago. He's my MVP of the month, that's for sure. It was an unanimous decision with him receiving all available votes except for some clown that voted for that She & Him Christmas album. Don't worry, he isn't invited back.

The sounds in his tracks make me wonder how they just don't fall apart. It's like he makes his tracks out of chewing gum and tooth picks and puts them on the edge of a cliff. I'm just waiting for them to fall over into a million pieces.

 OvrMyne by Knx.

What is the deal with rappers thinking they are going to meet the girl of their dreams in the strip club? They do know that these woman are there to make money not because they are looking for love, right? It is purely a business transaction. I would argue that if a rapper was looking for the girl of his dreams he should first start anywhere other than the strip club. Like, literally, anywhere else. A doughnut shop, the mall, the gas station, a cess-pool. There have to be better options out there.

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  1. Probably people who love money are likely to confuse love and money.