Friday, December 2, 2011

Soundtrack for my Time Traveling

I had a professor today ask me if I was dyslexic because of my writing. He tried couching it in terms of that he gives tough criticism, that's his deal. Which is really no better than if he had said "no offense" before asking me if I was dyslexic. Both instances are just attempts to get away with being a cock.

I also learned today that their are high-yield Time Traveling accounts that people open, deposit money into, the money accrues interest, and the account stays open until the human race learns how to time travel. Once this happens the account is emptied to pay for someone in the future to come back in time to rescue you and take you to the future. 

You can literally do anything for money these days.

I really like the name Legowelt and I REALLY like his Wikipedia page. Lets check out some of the highlights.

1. He describes his sound as, "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack." Your guess is as good as mine of what the hell that means.

2.Some aliases and side-projects he has are Catnip, The Chicago Shags, Gladio, Smackos, Smackulator, Squadra Blanco, Salamandos, Raheem Hershel and Venom 18. How awesome are these names. If making music doesn't work in the long run he should think about just coming up with band names and copyrighting them before anyone else can and then selling them to people. Or they all sound like they were made my a 14 year-old child. I can't decide.

3. And, of course, he looks like this. 

I actually have no idea if this is him. I just like to think it is.

Seriously though, I'm digging this track. It's kind of dark, kind of spooky. Builds and builds and never really goes anywhere, but that's O.K. really, I like where we are at. I'm going to ask that when they come to take me to the future that they play this song as we travel there. It seems appropriate. 

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