Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mark Ernestus Meets the BBC

This one is as slick as a wet baby seal.

180 beat-per-minute African Shangann slowed down and stripped to its barest elements. Talk about locking in the groove; this one has the groove written on to it from the very start. A blunt bass sound paired with some weird percussion instruments and some seductive synth work.  This one has minimal written all over it. It's got that tension that keeps your ears tied to it but its got that groove that just makes your gut want this to go one forever.

This is the raw, minimal style of house music that someone has taken the sandpaper to. All the rough edges have been completely smoothed away in favor of a slick, elegant style. Any loose ends have been completely done away with at the expense of the groove. No bells and whistles on this track - instead everything is put in its exact, right place. It's the track for the obsessive compulsives out there.

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