Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters (John Talabot's Classic Vocal Refix)

"Don't fuck with me."

My love of all things John Talabot has already been clearly outlined around these parts. What has not been made as clear is how much I loved the Teengirl Fantasy album from last year. Specifically, how "Cheaters" was probably my favorite track of the 2010. Well thank god for the internet and thank god that Talabot took the time to take one of my favorite songs and make it even better. 

The hook to "Cheaters" was always the vocal parts. That was the most interesting and compelling thing in the track. The intensity of the vocalist is what really drove the song and Talabot seems to have understood that as well. Talabot takes just the vocals, fucks with them, and lays them on top of some quintessential Talabot beats - Sunshine-y chord structure, drum parts that seem to be made out of glitter, and a hard and fast groove. All of the production though is meant to highlight and magnify the vocal parts. They are amped up even more in this track as compared to the original and the effects added to them just puts it over the top. 

This isn't the first edit of "Cheaters", by a long shot, but it is the best one I have heard so far.

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