Sunday, December 11, 2011

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 Holy Other - Know Where (Andy Stott Remix) by TriAngleRecords

This one will make all the music dweebs on the internet wet themselves with joy. Combining three of the most talked about figures out there right now; Andy Stott, Holy Other, and TriAngle Records, this single is the hat trick of underground music this week.

This one sort of seems like a no brainer. Andy Stott who already traffics in dark, thumbing electronic music takes a crack at remixing Holy Other's dark, thumbing track "Know Where". You want to know why this remix works so well? Because as someone who has listened to a lot of both of these artists this year this tune could have been on either one of their albums. Holy Other's tune was already an off-kilter tune that sucked in all light near it. Stott's idea of a remix was to simply turn that darkness knob up a bit and polish the edges on this bad boy.

Dark is sort of a lazy way to describe this tune, it goes beyond that. Stott is a master at building an atmosphere in his tracks so that they create a specific time and place. You know you are listening to one of his tunes because you start to feel a little uneasy like someone is watching you. If you have ever come upon a group of people running in the opposite direction you are going and you have that split second decision - do I keep going the way I was going or do I turn and run away with these people? It's sort of like that. But in a good way.

Out now on a digital only release from TriAngle records.

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