Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Italian House Music & Cannibal Corpse

The world is a large scary place packed full of daunting tasks and pitfalls behind every corner. Everyday we rely upon millions of years of evolutionary history in our DNA to make sure we get through it alive. We run from task to task just trying to make sure we get out in time before someone or something fucks us. It should come as no surprise that no one makes it out in one piece.

I don't know, I've been listening to a lot of metal this week. The above comments might have something to do with that.

Speaking of getting fucked, the nightmare that is finals week is almost finished. That's what this track is about - its the light at the end of the tunnel. The soundtrack to the last mile in all of its Italian house style. One long piano loop for your brain to explode to. Its track like these that help you realize that it isn't as bad as Cannibal Corpse leads you to believe. There is nothing wrong with Cannibal Corpse of course, I mean, when you want to kill someone you don't really want to listen to house music.

Sun, warmth, beach, drinks. That is all this song makes me think about. It's like a gin'n tonic with a lemon twist in audio form. Not too harsh, not too soft, just the right about of boozy-ness to keep you going. It's the refreshing cocktail on the 90 degree day.

I would kill for a 90 degree day right. Kill. Que the Cannibal Corpse.

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