Thursday, December 29, 2011

Haters gonna hate.

"Haters gonna hate." 

Italians Do It Better will be forever sexy. There isn't anything anyone related to that label can put out that just isn't the sexiest thing you are going to hear all day. They are in business to make music to make whatever you are doing sound fucking hot. Are you running an errand in your car? Are you listening to some from Italians Do It Better? You just got 100 percent sexier. You sitting at your desk at your shitty job listening to a track from Italians Do It Better? Your shitty job just got 100 percent hotter.

Mike Simonetti is the head of Italians Do It Better (at least I think so). This is his first solo release (which I also believe is true).  Slow and steady does the trick here; some sultry vocals, some bass you could set your watch to, and nice retro synth parts. It's a big ol' slow boiled pot of awesome that's just simmering. Just simmering and being sweet. This is driving music late at night when your head is kind of foggy and all you want to do is stare out the window and watch the lights race by.

Also, what the fuck is the deal with the photo in this video. This photo is used more than any other photo on YouTube for electronic tracks. I know this for a fact because I just spent a year listening to music on YouTube and I see this photo at least once a week. Some fantasy artist is out there who created this photo who probably doesn't even know his work has become synonymous with electronic music on the internet. Somebody needs to write that person a check.

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