Friday, December 2, 2011

Carl Craig.

This is kind of the shit and also reminds how I really want someone to explain to me how they made this stuff in the early to mid 1990's. I feel like this would take forever. There was lyric in a song I remember that goes something like "it use to take them days to make Acid music now it takes them minutes". Which I always thought was funny because it was probably true. Making a 10 minute long remix like this one had to have been no easy feat. I imagine it involved a lot of tape and making sure you hit corresponding buttons at the exact same time so things sync-ed up.

This is kind of amazing though, it is so long that it is as if it has movements. Constant throughout are these classic techno-y snares, but there is also this nice warm upright bass sound that bounces along throughout. He is a nice mellow, not too techno-y, house track. Especially with these weird, cool synth sounds that weave across the track.

Also, I have to do the obligatory mention that Carl Craig is from Detroit. Also, the next time I go to Detroit I want to hear this shit from every street corner.

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