Thursday, August 16, 2012

Araab Muzik - Streetz Tonight

She put a curse upon this town and now nothing will grow.

Almost exactly 365 days late on this. If not more. Listen, I only have two ears and 24 hours in a day. That means sometimes things fall through the cracks. Like this one. It's not disco, its not house, its break music made from late 90's acid. So, there you go.

Oh, it's fleeting isn't it. Those little things. Just, those little affairs were the world surprises you for a heartbeat and the the lights shine brighter for just a single moment. That's where it's at, I suppose. The sweet spot. Araab Muzik knows what I'm talking about. The human effort to continually delay the recognition of the horrors of everyday life. The Sisyphean effort to avoid feeling the malaise and self doubt.

Araab Muzik once said that he had a dream where he was chained to a giant boulder on top of a mountain. Every night a falcon the size of a small bus would fly down and peck out his liver. He said he had this dream every night for months at a time. It wasn't until he authored this track that the falcon stopped visiting him in his dreams.

True story.

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