Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The SOS Band - Just the Way You Like It

Stole this .gif from me in my place.  Couldn't help myself.  Then again I usually can't help myself when I'm on that site.

The downtown dive Main Bar has recently been brought to my attention.  A beautiful building, the only one on a downtown Columbus block, Main Bar stands as a nonjudgemental  beacon in the middle of a city gone mad.  What I mean to say is all people are welcome there.  Young, old, black, white, straight, gay, rich, poor.  Does not matter, all are welcomed with open arms.  Equal parts of the bar paying attention to the Browns preseason game as the Reds game.  Madness, or the perhaps the opposite.  The dude on the jukebox was playing filthy funk and R&B on the jukebox.  Mean shit, too.  The kind that really makes you wish you were driving around listening to the radio in 1982.

This is one from a group called The SOS Band.  Atlanta crew from the late 70s/early 80s, they were putting down some pretty provocative/slutty shit for their day.  This song is basically about a girl permitting her man to have as many girls as he wants, as long as she's his #1.  In a way it's almost feminist.

Upon further research on The SOS Band they had another hit that I vaguely remember hearing being sampled in some 90s rap jams called 'Take You Time'.  This video is a painfully dope performance on Soul Train.  All of the band members look like Andre 3000 with some kind of nautical/Sgt Pepper vibe.  God everyone is on so much cocaine.

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