Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inoj - Love You Down (Fire for Effect Remix)

This shark is considerably better than Ben's shark.

In nearly every conceivable way.

Coming to you live from a hotel room in Bloomington, IN.  Spent the last 14 hours basically locked in a room with other first year MBA students working on a case study.  Closest I've come to going truely mad in a while.  Wait, except for when I saw THE-DREAM at the Ohio State Fair at 7 pm with crazy JPP.  So I guess not that long ago.  But I digress.  Either way I have spent a lot of time with Tomorrow's Business Leaders over the last four days and have another two to go.  This could get ugly.

But I am now back to the room self medicating with this song from Inoj remixed by some cat called Fire for Effect.  This was the first song on the Pictureplane Modular People podcast from late last year.  You might remember this song from the 80s when it was performed by Ready for the World or again in the 90s when Inoj did it.  The intro lines are pretty famous, used in a lot of rap hooks.

And there's a free download link on the soundcloud.  Have at it suckas.

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