Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fletchers Curve (Matthew Styles Remix)

Sorry, I don't have a good excuse for why we haven't posted in a couple of days. Malaise? A bad case of the dropsies, maybe? Who knows really.

Stumbled across this track early this morning. Nothing like some analog drums and throwback synths to get your Sunday started off right. Wah wah wahhhhhhh.

I heard Matthew Styles carries an eight inch buck knife everywhere he goes. Really. Loose talk on the streets has it he's been known to stalk his pray through the dirty, trash strewn alleys of Detroit and sneak up behind them while they least expect it. He will then extract his knife from behind his belt and draw the dull side of the blade across the throat of his enemy. He says he does it so he can feel again.

I don't know dudes, he sounds a little crazy to me.

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