Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Donnie & Joe Emerson - Baby (Dreamin' Wild)

You're so baby

The astute reader may note that this song is becoming a 'thing'. The gentleman & gentlewoman reader may also note that this track is becoming a 'thing' due to the fact that Ariel Pink covers it with Dam-Funk on his newest album. I would also like to bring to the attention of the above than average in intelligence reader that this track is amazing and a national treasure. A god-damn national treasure.

Make note dear reader, when I finally shuffle off this mortal coil I want this track played at my funeral. I want your speeches about the time we sat up until four in the morning listening to music, drinking too much and solving all the world's problems. I want yarns spun about my feats of strength and intelligence. I want bold face lies told. But most of all, I want this played when you carry me out to my final resting place.

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