Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DD26 - I Want U Back In My Bed (Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit)

The beast with the mark on his heart.

Honestly, this track probably does not need to be 12 minuets long. Really, the meat of it is up until about the 7:00 mark. Do what you will after that but at least stick around till then.

I'm a man on a precipitous. Summer isn't suppose to do that to you. Summer is about the opposite of that. Summer is clearly broken.

I read about this woman from ancient Rome who was a homicidal assassin. Her weapon of choice? Poisonous mushrooms, of course. She was granted immunity by Nero because she basically murdered who ever he wanted until of course, he died than things got, what I believe they refer to as, got real. Legend has it she was arrested and sentenced to death. Except that this death sentence involved being raped by a specially trained giraffe and then being torn to bits by wild animals.

Yep, there you have it.

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