Friday, August 12, 2011

5 jams for the weekend

Holy crap, we actually made it. Today is Friday. My god, I never thought it was going to come. It's beautiful out, why do I feel like I could sleep for a million years. We are going to turn this around right now.

I suppose I should have some sort of working thesis on the difference between electronic music, dance music, electro-dance music? I don't. I really don't know. Is this a dance tune or this a electronic tune? I don't think I could dance to it right now, but I think I could dance to it late at night after some drinks. Right?

I wouldn't put myself in the camp that one day we are never going to have genres, because we are. We are always going to have country music, hip-hop, pop, and metal. Those sort of dividing lines are always going to exist, but will there be artists that straddle genres? Yes, or course. That is the odd thing about electronic and dance music; those lines are a) not clear from people looking in from the outside and b) probably not worth the effort to erect. Besides filling the human need to put things in clearly designated boxes, what is the point of trying to catalog every piece of electronic and dance music into their own micro-genres? With that said, I'm sure I end up changing my mind on the subject come next week.

Also, how the fuck is John Talabot the only person on the planet without a Wikipedia page? I demand to know more about this person otherwise I'm going to write my own Wikipedia page about him and he probably isn't going to like it.

This two tracks are nice lessons in sun soaked house jams. His music has a clear shimmering element that I really like. It is fantastic summer music that you would want to hear outside on the beach or late night in someone's backyard. I am especially impressed with the vocal track on this tune. I can see some people not liking it but come on, he takes a females voices, screws the hell out of it, and tunes it in to so sort of mysterious vocodor instrument. It's great.

Ummmm, I found this song while flipping through some John Talabot live videos. He played this song at Sonar and someone had video of it. This is all I can say, imagine that bass line but about 1,000 times louder. Yea, it was fucking awesome. Come about 2:45 in you start to understand where this is going.  Kind of has like a 90's acid feel to it, I don't know, I might just be making that comparison up.

This song is clearly all about the bass, and if you can listen to this on a stereo with a bitching sub-woof I would recommend it and then invite me over to join you.

Find more Houseguest songs at Myspace Music

Its been all electronic music all week, time to mix it up. I'm still on an Akron rock kick so this is what you get....mother fucking Houseguest! Akron's most underrated band. I once saw these guys play for three albums in a basement with no A/C in August. I thought someone was going to die. It was a show that I will never forget.

Holy shit, listen to those lyrics...."Tonight I cried to an episode of Empty Nest/ I've never felt such emptiness".  You can take your Fleet Foxes and Bon Ivor's of the world and shove it.

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My new favorite band in Akron, mother fucking Duunes! Garrrrrrrr I love them so much, prog-metal, who the fuck knew I would ever like that. Soooooo good! Please go to their myspace page and check them out.

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