Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I don't know if this is a new or previously released track from Zomby, but it is pretty great.

Zomby's music doesn't remind me of most electronic music coming our right now. It doesn't sound like you would hear it in a club somewhere, or would even want to hear it in a club. That is probably the point though - this is all just a lesson in what we think should and should not be played in a club. I know there are countless artists out there doing this exact thing, trying to push the line between what is expected and what isn't. In electronic music I feel like the line is drawn somewhere between this gets played in a club and this gets thrown into the avant-garde bin.  I could be totally wrong though, there may be clubs in Europe that are packed listening to this stuff. If so, I want to go too.

The more I listen to this new Zomby album the more I think of the last couple Pantha-du Prince albums. Those albums were very dark, atmospheric, and had a sense of place about them - the same feelings are brought up with this album. It is dance music moved into some sort of other territory - one foot in the beat world and another in the more experimental.

I should probably say more about this video because it is totally mesmerizing. Quit stunning really.

(h/t Dummy Mag)

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