Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm moving to where ever John Talabot lives

What the fuck John Talabot, you make this stuff and I can't get a picture with your face in it?

Listen, my love of John Talabot is well known around here. He has the Midas touch. Well, him and Jamie XX right now have the Midas touch. Maybe they are the same people? I'm starting that rumor right now. Until you can prove to me that John Talabot and Jamie XX where not in the same place at the same time, they are the same person.

I have a theory that there are certain rap beats that are so good that it doesn't matter who you have rap over top of them they are still going to be awesome. Remixes kind of have the same thing, if you pick the right song to start with it is going to be sweet. The original of this song is not a dance tune though, what makes this song worth remixing are the vocals. What? You think you did something wrong and now you feel bad? And you think you could make it better with the lights turned off? And you are going to sing it like you mean it? That is a home run folks, someone is going to knock that out of the park. In this instance it was John Talabot. 

Some people are going to be like 'But everyone is remixing this song, it's an easy one to pick. It is the low hanging fruit' And I'm going to say stop your whining. You are right, there are a ton of remixes of this song. That isn't John Talabot's fault. That is everyone else's fought who tried to remix this track and did it wrong.

Midas. Touch.

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