Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lil' B - We get tats for the ladies

I don't know what happened yesterday, there was a long third point that was suppose to be included in yesterday's post but for some reason it disapeared.

Lil' B, Lil' B, Lil' B, what are we going to do with you? You are the Bob Pollard of the indie rap world. You release an album/mix-tape at rates not seen since Lil' Wayne circa 2006-2007. Whereas I think Bob Pollard releases so many albums every year because he probably needs the money, you are in your 20's and you don't seem to be that hard up for cash. The frequency of your releases seems to be tied more to the fact that you a) don't have an editor and b) probably just like putting out a bunch of shit. Lil'B is like Bob Pollar - if you were to take the best songs from all the albums he releases every year and make one album, it would be a classic.

With all that said, I'm really digging this track. This is one of those songs that would be on that yearly greatest hits album. It helps that he has a killer beat on the track but Lil' B actually doesn't sound like a complete goof-ball, which helps a lot. That was one of the reasons that I have had a hard time taking Lil' B seriously, I can't tell if he is purposely trying to be a weirdo, or if really is a weirdo, or can he rap without being a weirdo at all. I'm going to point to this song as evidence that if he every took care of shit he could be amazing.

Sampling of some of the best lines:

I'll eat you for the motherland
Man I'm so hungry/bones showing through my face
I don't say homo because I'm a fucking thug
I these other rappers getting boo'ed like O.J./I respect O.J./A fan of the juice man
Man, it's going to be a cold summer/ Only got one friend Coyote and Road Runner

And it goes on and on....


  1. diggin the blog! this beat is from a freeway track back in the day

  2. I just saw this.....damn, thanks for posting Adam. I'm going to check this track out. Thanks.