Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jamie XX remixes The XX. Snake eats its own tail.

Listen guys, I understood last week when no one told me that there was a new Air France single. I mean it had been out for like 12 hours, I apologize about how I acted. But, you guys kind of f'd up on this. You-Tube tells me this song has been posted since September of 2010. Why am I just hearing this? Hmmm? You all got some 'splaning to do.

As Nick put it, it seems that Jamie XX is the brains behind The XX. This is another amazing Jamie XX track. God damn he knows that he is doing. We should probably have a conversation some day about that XX album and A) see if it stands the test of time and B) who was responsible for making it as good as it was.

It helps that he has a fantastic vocal track to work with. He does a fantastic job in this song of framing it properly between these sort of house-y beats, a little two step drums, and the right amount of tension built up around it all.

Damn, it has been an excellent week for summer jams. Wait until tomorrow.

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