Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You, allergies, you can go to hell

Oh my god, fuck you allergies, fuck you cats, fuck you rag weed, and fuck you nasal sprays. You can all go to hell.

I was told over and over again that I needed to check out some Tobin Sprout solo albums. Sprout played on some of the most critically acclaimed Guided by Voices albums and I heard his solo albums were just as good. So, when I saw a link to a Prefab Sprout album called "Steve McQueen" I downloaded it thinking it was Tobin Sprout. I shit you not, I listened to this album for two days thinking it was Tobin Sprout until I realized I had been drunk the entire time and the two were not the same.

I thought something was wrong because this album is really 1980's British rock. I think the first five songs are amazing, just totally kick ass. The second half of the album sees them sort of trying out their more unusual song structures and time signatures. There is one song called 'Halleluah' which is just atrocious. But, the first five songs are so good that it doesn't matter - this half album is better than 90 of full albums out there.

I fucked up but it seemed to have worked out.

Also, I'm at cup'o joe which has been over run with flies and the internet connection is shitty, so I have no idea what these videos are like because I can't really watch them.

Get your act together cup'o joe.

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