Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Burned Out

Alex Willner stands before an empty canvas in his studio.  Over in the corner paint cans are stacked neatly on top of each other and  empty jelly jars stand next to the canvass filled with water and used paint brushes. The water in the jam jar is now a graying brown due to the mixture of all the colors from the brushes.

Alex is wearing a red striped shirt that makes him sort of look like a pirate. He has yellows, and streaks of green on his pants and his shirt. Somehow he's managed to get a bit of red on his face. His thinning head of red hair is swept to one side and he his thinking out loud to himself while smoking.

"Painting is about the spaces between the lines. The lines the painter makes across the canvass are equally as important as the lines that the painter implies. A master painter will just as likely create a sense of space by drawing a line as he will by omitting a line. The true artist will create a sense of space and emotion out of nothing. Out of lines and movements the viewer never thought possible, the artist will create a sense of emotion."

"Music should be the same way. I will create sounds from electronic instruments and real instruments and I will build them on top of each other till the listener won't be able to tell the difference. My colors, will be sounds. The reds will be the compressed sounds, the loops will be the long flowing blue lines that ebb in distance and thickness. My greens and purples will be the foundation of my painting, the bass of my song."

"Before a painting is a painting it is bunch of paint sitting in cans. Before my songs exist they are sounds that exist else where. In my hands I give them the sense of space, timing, meaning that they were suppose to have."

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