Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Field, winter, and bad Greek analogies

Don't tell anyone at my job but I'm one of the only people in yet and I forgot to write a post last night so I'm doing it now.

What sucks more, going in on Monday or going in on the Tuesday after labor day? I would rather go in to work on 100 Mondays than have to go in to work the Tuesday after labor day weekend. God damn it, when do I get to move somewhere warm and where I don't have to worry about it being the Tuesday after Labor Day and it starting to get cold.

Also, don't tell me that I have like fall because it is something to look forward to. In theory, yes, fall would be an enjoyable season. I like football, sweaters, leaves changing colors, etc. What I don't like is everything that comes after fall. That is bullshit and that is what ruins fall for me. I don't have much ability to just enjoy the moment. I don't see how anyone can when it comes to fall and when you know the light at the end of tunnel is just the freight train of winter coming to plow you over.

I think I have some seasonal problems I need to get through. Fuck, this wasn't go to be about my season problems it was going to be about what we all have something to look forward to......a new The Field album. Fuck. And. Yes. These two gems are off his upcoming album "Looping State of Mind"

These songs are blankets made of ice cold Germanic techno beats designed specifically to keep me warm against the horrors of winter in Columbus, Ohio. I like to think that The Field lives in the ice cave from the Superman movies where he has his lair were everything is made out of ice and snow. And he doesn't ever smile, he just sits in his ice throne in front of a stack of electronic equipment generating looping techno beats that are used by humans to battle all forms of injustice, like the fucking cold and gray that will soon envelop this entire land for at least six months.

I want to hang out with The Field and make him smile. I want him to know that I, for one, appreciate what he is doing, and that he can't stop. He is the modern day Hercules - he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and languishes under the knowledge that his cold hard beats are keeping the world on its axis.

You can see that I'm not handling this change of seasons really well.