Monday, September 26, 2011

Disco mix for the start of your work week

Torrential down pours and fall sunsets. That is what we got today in central Ohio. All sorts of horrible rain in the morning and then a pleasant evening. Kind of strange. Sort of like the world took pity on us for having pissed on us all day and awarded us a sunset. Or, it is just a pathetic attempt at lulling us into a state where we do not realize that winter is right around the corner. As you can see, I may have some trust issues.

 Eddie C - TEP Guest Mix by TEP Recordings

I found something that made getting out of bed this morning worth it. An hour long mix done by Eddy C that is all Eddy C material. God. Damn. Work was parable today because of this.

It is labeled as a deephouse/nu-disco mix, for some reason they don't have an option to label it "life affirming". I think that should be an option.

My love for Eddy C runs deep and true. This mix only strengthens those bonds of love.

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