Friday, September 30, 2011

Drive week continues with Desire's "Don't Call"

If you go to the soundcloud page for this song you will see it has been played 97 times this week. I am responsible for at least a third of that action.

I think the reason I'm really digging this stuff right now is that if fall was a time of night it would be post 2:00 am when the bars are closed and your kind of riding high but you know the fun is almost over but you don't want to stop drinking so you go to your friends house and continue on there. Some people are in the living room still grasping on to the last few minuets to dance while the rest of you are standing in the kitchen drinking carry out beers. This is the song that is playing when you are drinking the shitty carry our beers in the kitchen. This isn't the midnight glam of a few hours before but the early morning disco to make you see that at some point all this is coming to an end and you are most likely going to wake up hungover but, fuck it, that is part of the fun.

Apparently, the person I need to thank for this is Johnny Jewel, the mastermind behind this group and several other bands on Italians Do It Better. The dude knows how to write a pop song and he knows his way around some pop hooks. This track might not share the high velocity nature of some other disco beats but that doesn't make it any less cold, sexy, and devastating.

I want to live in Desire's world and I want to live in it now.

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