Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Field - Then It's White, the cure to your hangover

Yep, I know, I screwed up. I left you guys hanging without anything posted for two whole days. But, It's sunny, warm(-ish), and I got something for your hangover. You can thank me later.

Mellooooow as fucccckkkkk.

The start of this song feels like a chopped and screwed remix to me. This is The Field at his mellowest it seems. In albums past, The Field seemed to be making a name for himself by taking vocal samples and manipulating them into shapes and textures unlike anyone else. Those ghostly vocals are still on this album, but sometimes they are less vocal samples that are meant to be heard as vocal pieces and more like instruments. Instruments in the sense that the vocal samples are being used just like other sounds and instruments, mostly in a looping format.

A little piano piece looped over an over again, is the background for some mellow drum loops put just far enough in the back to not overwhelm the feeling of the track. For as mellow as this tune is though, there is a clear sense of anticipation and movement. It starts slowly with mostly just the keys and a small drum sample and it builds with extra layers of ghostly vocals, electronic loops, more drums, until it ends with pretty much just a vocal sample repeating and some bells. Word on the street is that The Field is incorporating more and more live musicians into his albums and live show and I think you can really hear it on this track. Between the piano piece, the drum samples, and the xylophone that comes in at the end, they all have this quality to them that I would guess comes from them being played live. It's a interesting idea of combining electronic instrument and real instruments together to create what is in essence an minimal techno song.

Not a bad way to deal with your Sunday morning hangover. Turn it up loud and get some caffeine in you. You'll feel better, I promise.

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