Friday, September 9, 2011

Witch house? Witch house.

Oh my god, a blog post with a theme. I wrote this post backwards, so I started with the last video and worked my way up. Only then did I realize, all of these songs are sort of connected. In the way that haunted, melting, slowed down rap beats can be connected. I think it is the time of year. I think because summer is fading into fall I'm sub-consciously into these tracks that sound like what rainbow sherbet looks like at the bottom of a bowl. It's all melted, and all the colors are just oozing into each other making some sort of gooey  sticky, syrup. These neon colors melting into each other to create other, darker, more menacing, but just as tasty colors.  Good shit really.

Holy shit, I spent all day at working listening to Holy Other, creeping myself out. Here is my disclaimer, don't let this remix fool you - this shit is spooky. But a good type of spooky. We will talk about Holy Other another time because right now we just need to focus on this remix. I thought this remix was the shit and then I went and listened to the original and no one should listen to that song and think, "you know what the world needs, a sort of dance remix of it". Nope. No one should do that. Enter, Blood Diamonds though and apparently he doesn't give a shit. He does a brilliant job of using the haunted, sucked-out vocals and building a fantastic single around them. I think that is pretty fucking impressive.

It has been way too long since we have had any Clams Casino tracks on here. This isn't even a new one, it is some remix but it is still dope. Hat Tip to the new(?) Keep on Repeat tumblr which is where I found this slowed down beauty.

Also, fucking samurai movies, am I right? He fucking cuts the dude's head in half from top to bottom and, because that isn't enough, they keep the camera on it for a good 20 seconds. Well done Fvck Swag and well done samurai movie.

Is there a bad Aaliyah vocal track? I'm on the side that there isn't. Take the worst Aaliyah track and I'm sure you are still going to be able to do something with it. With that said, don't let it take away from the production in this song. Not too fast, not too slow, I think they call this a groove. Sprinkle in some swooshes, electronic bloops and beeps, and you got yourself a 100% hit.

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